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The philosophy

Our quality... your profit!

Founded in April 1984 Hofstetter + Co. Ltd. in Basel, Switzerland, is an independent globally oriented forwarding and shipping company, organising and effecting shipments of any kind to all the important trading centres. Maintaining a high level of specialisation on the more demanding markets in particular, we enjoy a reputation as problem solvers in that field. Applying our expertise, creativity and outstanding service, we strive to meet any challenge. Since November 1993 we are ISO 9002 certified by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI).

Our corporate philosophy is based on teamwork and a cooperative management style. We are a dependable employer and partner. We are supported by highly modern equipment. EDP is done with an IBM AS/400 system. We are linked to the IBM-Network, data can also be exchanged in EDIFACT-Syntax.

Our Motto is: Our quality... your profit!

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