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The history of HOCO Basle


On February 1st. 2016 the new office located in CH-1258 Perly starts it's business in West Switzerland, headed by the branch manager Mr. Jérôme Legerot-Germain.

In January 2016 Mr. Carlo Stern is nominated as CEO of Hofstetter + Co. Ltd. and CTO Shipping Agencies Ltd.


In September Transfreight Ltd. Basle takes over 100% shares of Hofstetter + Co. Ltd. and CTO Shipping Agencies Ltd. backdated to January 1st. 2015.


In April HOCO Logistics celebrated it's 30-years jubilee.


Transalkim Italy is taken over by UBV Group, with which we are continuing and expanding our cooperation.


ISO 14001 accreditation


April 1st, 2009, 25 years jubilee HOCO Logistics!


Cooperation in service Denmark - Switzerland and Vice-Versa with Modul Transport Hvidovre and Vejle.


New Partner in Great Britain: Geodis UK.


New Partner in Italy:
Transalkim Spedizioni Internazionali Spa.

Renewal of the whole IT-Infrastructure to Windows Server 2003 and XP-Clients
Renewal of the IBM iSeries to the iSeries 520-System.


New daily service Switzerland - Baden Württemberg (Germany).


20-years jubilee, a total of 41 staff.


New Partners in Denmark, DTK Logistics - and Italy, Minitransport.

Implementation of the new IBM AS/400 i-Series.


The logo of HOCO has been changed to HOCO Logistics

HOCO Logistics changes the offices from Basel to Münchenstein, where we have doubled our office surface to 1400 sqm.

Mr. Klaus Ulrich joins HOCO Logistics as sales manager and he becomes member of the management.


HOCO becomes exclusive Partner of the Wilson Logistics Group. The partnership with one of the leading Worldwide Logistics Groups in airfreight and deep sea traffic opens new and promising possibilities for our customers and HOCO.


HOCO is taking over the branch office of Jacky Maeder Ltd. Shaffhouse. With 22 very involved employees, HOCO is now represented at this important gateway into Switzerland.


Creation of Internet Web page

Partnership with Hauser Ltd, Manchester, leading position in traffic to and from UK.


Purchase of European transport activities of Panalpina Ltd, Basle.

Move to new premises, all electronic facilities with customs authorities


Founding of a sister company in St. Gallen total staff 7


Start of partnership with Ventana Cargo, Milano


Election of Mr. Jörg Kunz into the board of directors


10-years jubilee, a total of 17 staff is celebrating at Lucerne


Certification as per ISO 9002, a modern company philosophy is formulated


Inauguration of electronic data exchange by EDIFACT syntax.

The new HOCO Logo is created


Overall staff is now 12


Mr. Jörg Kunz is joining the company, inauguration of first AS/400 System


Start of partnership with Transalkim Stuttgart and Istanbul, 5-year jubilee


23rd March EDP fully productive


18th December transformation into joint stock company


Planning, introduction of EDP with SISA, Studio Informatica SA as partner


HOCO now has a staff of 5 and starts educating apprentices


1st April company founded by Mr. Jakob Hofstetter, as limited partnership Company

1st September Mr. Peter Graser joined the company, office space 25 m2, total staff 3

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