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The expected development of transport costs in 2022

Basel, November 2021

Esteemed customers and business partners

The end of the year is around the corner, so we'd like to take this early opportunity to thank you for our good collaboration, and your loyalty to and trust in our services and employees.

We expect the economy to continue to experience procurement bottlenecks next year, with the concomitant disruption of the logistics supply chains. The prices for air and sea freight transport services will remain high and costs in European goods transport will continue to rise.

lncreasing demand, a shortage of capacities in all modes of transport, rescheduling on account of supply bottlenecks, substantial extra efforts needed to manage the challenges of logistics, investment in digital processes and cyber security, as well as further factors driving up costs will all lead to rising transport and logistics costs.

All in all the above-mentioned factors will lead to significantly spiralling costs, which has prompted us to raise our prices by 4 – 6 % next year, in accordance with these circumstances.

Thank you for your understanding for these necessary adjustments. Naturally we will make every effort to maintain our service levels at the high standards that you've become used to from us.

We're looking forward to working together again next year. Here's to successful business in the last few weeks of this year.

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Attila Francz (CEO, COB) / Andres Epting (CEO, Vice COB)

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